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Dianne Burke and James Kemp's Honeymoon Registry

Dianne Burke and James Kemp's Honeymoon Registry

Royal Lahaina Resort

Thanks for visiting our Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts Honeymoon Registry and wedding website! We just have to say how excited and lucky we are to have found one another! To our friends and family, you all have been such an inspiration in our lives. Thank you for the love and support that you give us - we are so grateful to have you in our lives. Love you all and look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Day Picnic

On our tropical honeymoon at Royal Lahaina Resort, we will enjoy a picnic for two! We will receive a reusable Hawaiian print cooler with two tropical Maui made macadamia nut granola bars and our choice of two turkey, ham or tuna sandwiches, two bottles of water, two bags of potato chips and one tropical fruit salad!

registry_cart_item_1273360 Day Picnic

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Your generous wedding gift allows us to discover the relaxing charms of romance on this sunset dinner cruise! We will take in the spectacular views of Maui and the neighboring islands as we enjoy cocktails, appetizers, entrees, dessert, and live entertainment. Before heading back, we will create many memories as we witness the sun setting below the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

registry_cart_item_1717088 Sunset Dinner Cruise


Our honeymoon in paradise will be enhanced with a thrilling adventure. We will soar above it all while enjoying the beauty of the West Maui Mountains and the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Parasailing promises us an unforgettable experience!

registry_cart_item_1717089 Parasailing

Lanai Dolphin Search and Snorkel

In the morning we will board a deluxe catamaran and enjoy a delightful breakfast to fuel up for the day. Next, we will cruise through the sparkling waters to the dramatic shorelines and bays of Lanai. Home to wild dolphins, we will snorkel at the beautiful Lanai reefs and indulge in a sumptuous honeymoon lunch.

registry_cart_item_1717090 Lanai Dolphin Search and Snorkel

Molokini and Turtle Arches

On our romantic honeymoon we will discover an underwater world of beauty with the Molokini and Turtle Arches tour. We will make our way to Molokini where we will snorkel with amazing marine life. Next, we will head to the Turtle Arches, famous for the green sea turtles then enjoy a sumptuous honeymoon lunch.

registry_cart_item_1717091 Molokini and Turtle Arches

Molokini and Lanai

On our Hawaiian honeymoon we will enjoy a cruise to Molokini and Lanai for a snorkeling adventure! We will make our way to Molokini where we will snorkel in the abundant waters and then we will visit the wild dolphin encounter off the scenic coast of Lanai. Next we will snorkel amongst the famous reefs of Lanai and indulge in a sumptuous lunch ending a perfect day in paradise!

registry_cart_item_1285425 Molokini and Lanai

Haleakala Sunrise Van Tour

On our romantic Hawaiian honeymoon we will enjoy the Haleakala Sunrise Van Tour. Early in the morning we will witness a breathtaking sunrise and the majesty of Maui’s 10,023 foot volcano. We will get to witness the timeless beauty of the volcano in the light of dawn while learning about the legends and culture of this beautiful island.

registry_cart_item_1717092 Haleakala Sunrise Van Tour

Lanai Wild Side Rafting Adventure and Snorkel

On our tropical honeymoon we will venture to the remote reefs of the scenic island of Lanai on the high-tech Ocean Freedom raft. We will spend our time watching dolphins and snorkeling in a beautiful reef. Next, we will be picked up on Lanai for a fun tour of the quaint Lanai City, enjoy a picnic lunch and browse through the galleries, shops and cultural center.

registry_cart_item_1717093 Lanai Wild Side Rafting Adventure and Snorkel

Royal Lahaina Luau

As the sun sets below the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean we will take delight in the Royal Lahaina Luau on our Hawaiian honeymoon! When we arrive we will be greeted with a shell lei, then we will indulge in a round or two of our favorite drinks at the open bar. While tantalizing our palate with an all-you-can-eat traditional Polynesian buffet, we will be entertained with the Polynesian revue complete with song, dance and the spectacular fire dancing finale!

registry_cart_item_1285431 Royal Lahaina Luau

Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure

The Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure is a wonderful wedding gift for our Hawaiian honeymoon. Guided by knowledgeable, certified marine naturalists, this tour will take us off the beaten path to explore Molokini and its surroundings. Before heading back, we will swim, snorkel and enjoy a tantalizing honeymoon lunch!

registry_cart_item_1717095 Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure

Submarine Ocean Adventure

The Submarine Ocean Adventure is a wonderful wedding gift for our honeymoon in paradise. This voyage will take us below the depths of over 100 feet in the safety of an air conditioned submarine. Thanks to your thoughtful wedding gift, we will witness the majestic beauty of natural coral reefs, colorful marine life and a sunken ship.

registry_cart_item_1717096 Submarine Ocean Adventure

Ulalena VIP Dinner & Show Package

Our honeymoon in paradise promises us an amazing musical and theatrical journey! This production features powerful Hawaiian myths, legends and history through original music, dance and acrobatics. During the show, we will indulge in a tantalizing dinner then sit back, relax and immerse ourselves in the Aloha spirit.

registry_cart_item_1717097 Ulalena VIP Dinner & Show Package

Luxury Morning Sail and Snorkel

Our romantic escape will be enhanced with the Luxury Morning Sail and Snorkel. We will step aboard a premier luxury catamaran for an unforgettable day of sailing, snorkeling and relaxation. First, we will visit Molokini Crater or Turtle Point for a close encounter with tropical fish and sea turtles. Next, we will be pampered by the crew as we sit back, relax and soak up the sun and the views of the Maui’s coastline.

registry_cart_item_1717098 Luxury Morning Sail and Snorkel

Hana Guided Van Tour

We will discover the secrets and lush natural beauty of Maui's famous Hana Coast on our honeymoon at Royal Lahaina. Our professional guide will escort us in the comfort of an air conditioned van driving along the road to Hana coming across 617 curves and 54 one-lane bridges. Along the way we will enjoy a sumptuous lunch while admiring cascading waterfalls, breathtaking vistas from scenic lookouts, dense bamboo jungles and black sand beaches!

registry_cart_item_1285426 Hana Guided Van Tour

Bike Down Haleakala

Our journey starts with a tour of the spectacular Haleakala Summit before we coast down the slopes of the volcano from the National Park Entrance. On the way down, we will witness the natural beauty of Maui and the amazing highlights of the Haleakala Crater.

registry_cart_item_1717099 Bike Down Haleakala

West Maui – Molokai

Thanks to your thoughtful wedding gift we will soar over West Maui and Molokai while taking in the breathtaking scenic views that surround us. Aboard a helicopter, our guide will fly us over lush hidden valleys, cascading waterfalls and the jagged peaks of the West Maui Mountains. Next, we will make our way to Molokai's secluded north shore to witness the stunning beauty of majestic sea cliffs and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean!

registry_cart_item_1285430 West Maui – Molokai


With your lovely wedding gift we will experience a thrilling adventure on our Hawaiian honeymoon! We will explore the jungle from a bird's eye view as we soar over treetops, canyons and lush valleys on a zipline. This exciting activity will leave us with unforgettable memories of our honeymoon.

registry_cart_item_1285427 Zipline

Discover Molokai

Exploring Molokai will leave us with many unforgettable honeymoon memories! In an air-conditioned van or bus, our experienced local tour guide will take us to some spectacular highlights. We will visit the Kalaupapa Sea Cliff Lookout, Father Damien’s Churches, Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Plantation, an operating coffee plantation and old-fashioned Kaunakakai Town. Before our tour comes to an end, we will indulge in an island-style oceanfront lunch.

registry_cart_item_1717100 Discover Molokai

Circle Island Tour

The Circle Island Tour is the perfect wedding gift for our Hawaiian honeymoon at Royal Lahaina! Our guide will take us on an exciting adventure in a helicopter to discover East and West Maui and its highlights. We will witness one of the world’s largest volcanoes, Haleakala Crater, admire cascading waterfalls of the Hana Rainforest, and see the majestic West Maui Mountains.

registry_cart_item_1285428 Circle Island Tour

Hana Rainforest / Haleakala Helicopter Tour

On our honeymoon we will discover natural beauty on this exciting tour. First, we will visit the Haleakala Crater, the “House of the Sun” and the lush Hana rainforest. Next, we will visit the crater summit, remote valleys, spectacular waterfalls and the rugged Hana coastline.

registry_cart_item_1717101 Hana Rainforest / Haleakala Helicopter Tour

Pearl Harbor Tour

Together we will partake in the Pearl Harbor Tour on our honeymoon at Royal Lahaina. We will experience the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship before visiting the Punchbowl National Cemetery. Before our tour comes to an end, we will explore historic Honolulu while learning interesting facts about the surrounding area and its history.

registry_cart_item_1285432 Pearl Harbor Tour


Skytrek is the ultimate experience! We will hop aboard a helicopter and soar over the Haleakala Crater and the cascading waterfalls of Maui’s rainforest. Our tour will end with a luxurious limo-van tour of the Road to Hana and a delicious honeymoon lunch.

registry_cart_item_1717102 Skytrek

Volcano Experience Tour

The Volcano Experience Tour presents two exciting options. The first option allows us to enjoy spectacular views of both Maui and the Big Island in an air-conditioned aircraft, followed by a tour of the active volcano area, waterfalls and more. The second option includes flying to the Big Island for an all-day guided tour through Volcanoes National Park including Kilauea Iki Crater, a walk through an ancient lava tube, the steam vents, and more.

registry_cart_item_1717103 Volcano Experience Tour


A Night in a Lahaina Kai Guest Room

Just steps from the beach, the Royal Lahaina has the nostalgia of Hawaii's plantation era and the ambiance of traditional Hawaii. We will spend many romantic evenings on the balcony of our Lahaina Kai guest room enjoying the spectacular views of the blue Pacific Ocean as the sun sets over the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. It's the perfect setting for our romantic Hawaiian honeymoon.

registry_cart_item_1273364 A Night in a Lahaina Kai Guest Room

Upgrade the View

We don't want to settle for a standard room on our Hawaiian honeymoon. With your wedding gift, we can plan ahead and upgrade to a room with a view on our once in a lifetime trip!

registry_cart_item_1273365 Upgrade the View


Breakfast in Bed

We will indulge in a delightful breakfast in bed on our Hawaiian honeymoon at Royal Lahaina Resort! Served to us in the comfort of our room, we will enjoy coffee or tea, an assortment of freshly baked pastries and fresh tropical fruit for two!

registry_cart_item_1273391 Breakfast in Bed

Lunch for Two

We will grab some shade, cool off and enjoy lunch from the Royal Ocean Terrace! Featuring delicious island burgers, hot sandwiches, grilled fish, kabobs, fresh salads and more, we will admire stunning views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean and beyond!

registry_cart_item_1273392 Lunch for Two

Dinner for Two

We look forward to a romantic evening at the Royal Ocean Terrace restaurant! With stunning views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and beyond, we will choose from an array of tantalizing cuisine, from freshly caught fish specialties to enticing dishes with a Hawaiian twist!

registry_cart_item_1273393 Dinner for Two

The Royal Scoop

Help us stay cool on our honeymoon with homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt at the hotel's old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Who cares about the diet, we're on our honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_1273372 The Royal Scoop


Royal Trading Company

With your lovely wedding gift we will browse around the Royal Trading Company for some souvenirs to take home with us! This store boasts traditional Hawaiian inspired designs and decor, resembling a plantation home, to create the perfect ambiance for shopping in paradise. Offering an array of little treasures and keepsakes, we will have the opportunity to purchase fresh foods and snacks from the Islands, a variety of wines, books, accessories and clothes!

registry_cart_item_1273373 Royal Trading Company

Unique Ideas

Trip Contribution to Royal Lahaina

Royal Lahaina Resort is situated along an exclusive half-mile stretch of beach with soft sands, sparkling waters and lush natural beauty and is located in Kaanapali, Maui. Our intimate beach resort boasts traditional Hawaiian ambiance, genuine hospitality and impeccable service. Here in paradise we can relax in the comfort of our luxurious suite, indulge in tantalizing Polynesian and International cuisines or enjoy a round of our favorite drinks. We will have the opportunity to explore our adventurous side with an array of resort activities and events and off-site excursions and tours. Thanks to you, we will discover an unforgettable romantic getaway in the lush paradise of Royal Lahaina Resort!

registry_cart_item_1285434 Trip Contribution to Royal Lahaina

Large Tropical Arrangement

A large dramatic array of Hawaiian flowers in our room is the perfect gift! With an array of ginger, heliconias, birds of paradise and more, our tropical bouquet will create a soft, sweet fragrance while adding a splash of color and romance on our honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_1273377 Large Tropical Arrangement

Amenity Basket

Thanks to you, we will indulge in the Amenity Basket on our Hawaiian honeymoon! Included in this ancient Hawaiian Lauhala Basket are fresh Maui cookies and candies, famous macadamia nut brittle and a jar of of macadamia nuts!

registry_cart_item_1273378 Amenity Basket

Deluxe Amenity Basket

Thanks to you we will take delight in the sumptuous flavors of paradise on our honeymoon! We will receive a large Lauhala basket filled with fresh tropical fruit, Maui style potato chips, fresh Maui cookies and candies, famous macadamia nut brittle and a jar of macadamia nuts!

registry_cart_item_1273379 Deluxe Amenity Basket

Small Tropical Arrangement

A small tropical arrangement will be delivered to our room on our honeymoon at Royal Lahaina Resort! An array of ginger, anthurium and orchids will brighten up our room with a splash of color and a sweet floral fragrance!

registry_cart_item_1273381 Small Tropical Arrangement

Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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